Stacy will tell us about Sascy Cycling: Sascy Cycling is a Women’s cycling community where they focus on what our bodies can DO, not what they look like.

Tell us a bit about yourself. Family? Career? Where do you live?

I live in Tolland, CT with my husband, 6-year-old son, and our lab/shepherd mix, Maddie. When I am not cycling, I am teaching high school History, Psychology, and Media Studies in Longmeadow, MA.

How did you get into cycling?

Ha! This is a good one. I absolutely HATED bike riding. Then my husband got into cycling and decided to get me a road bike for our anniversary so we could ride together.

I thought he was NUTS to spend that kind of money on a bike for me! But, I decided to really give it a try, and much to my surprise the right bike at the right time was the perfect formula for me to become OBSESSED with cycling.

He introduced me to the awesome people at Comp Edge Ski and Bike in East Longmeadow, MA, and I got involved in their weekly group rides. It was there that I met my awesome friend Deb who led the women’s rides. Last year she passed that leadership along to me, and now I lead weekly group rides for women from Spring to the Fall.

Tell us about your bikes.

My first and one true love is my Trek Domane SL5. I have considered upgrading her, but really she suits me just fine for now! This is the bike that Chris bought me for our anniversary, and so far I have been content just swapping saddles and bar tape.

I also have a Trek FX2 hybrid which is awesome for quick rides around the block with the family. I did not enjoy it when it was my only bike though and have learned to love it since getting the Domane.

I had a mountain bike but I gave it to a friend. I will possibly try mountain biking again one day, but I am VERY uncoordinated and pasts attempts have been a bit of a disaster. I fall enough on the road, thank you very much!

Tell us about Sascy Cycling. How did it start? What do you do?

Sascy Cycling is a Women’s cycling community where we focus on what our bodies can DO, not what they look like. Some of us do want to make improvements to our bodies, but we do it from a place of love and appreciation for where we are at right now. We are completely inclusive of anyone who identifies as female and rides ANY kind of bike. We believe that if you ride a bike you ARE a cyclist.

I started the group shortly after my husband bought me my first road bike. After doing some research I felt like there wasn’t a place to go as a new cyclist to find the information, motivation, and community I wanted and needed. There was such a learning curve, and so much of the information seemed geared towards men. So, I started the Sascy Cycling website, and began writing informational articles based on my research. Eventually we created a private Facebook group and started seasonal challenges where we support and motivate one another to set goals and get on our bikes!

Finally, in January of 2020, I decided I wanted to lose weight and wanted to feel GOOD about it. I wanted to do it while honoring and respecting my body just as it was. Through Sascy Cycling I also share my weight loss journey and help other female cyclists lose weight. Learning how to finally love myself and my body was one of the most valuable experiences, and sharing it with other women and helping them do it too is my passion. I lost almost 50 pounds in 2020 and I loved my body through the entire process. I am not “better” now, just different, and I love each and every single part of me.

What would you tell someone just getting into cycling?

Wear padded bike shorts. They are a freaking GAME CHANGER. Oh, and wear them without undies! No one told me this at first, and let’s just say the chafing is NOT pleasant.

Seriously though, I would say that some of the things that don’t seem necessary, like a bike fit, make such a huge difference. Stick with it, try different things, find a local bike shop that will work with you to get you the right bike with the right components that is fitted properly to you.

Tell us something you love doing outside of cycling.

I seriously love reading historical fiction, drinking tea, and playing super complicated indie board games with friends and family. I don’t always know what I am doing, but it’s always a good time!

Any big cycling plans this year? Races? Rides? Trips? Anything else you would like to tell us?

On Saturday, June 18th I am participating in the Bikes Fight Cancer ride in Whatley, MA. There are 50 mile and 25 mile routes, and every dollar raised through this ride goes directly to Dana Farber to fight cancer. Because cancer sucks.

It’s a gorgeous ride, a ton of fun, and there is free lunch and beer after! If anyone is interested and wants to ride with us, you can check out the ride here! If you register with code SASCY10 you get $10 off your registration.

Additionally, my son and I will also be supporting my husband in his 6th Pan-Mass Challenge Ride in August. We will stay in Provincetown for a few days and bring our bikes along and do some riding too!

Finally, if finances/time allows I am hoping to get a cross bike and actually enter some cross races this fall. I am not sure how possible this dream is for this year, but it is definitely in my five-year plan! Again, I am not super coordinated, but I can do hard things, so this will be an awesome challenge.

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