Meet Stacey Head – a Well-Rounded Woman 

Tell us a bit about yourself. Family? Career? Where do you live?

My name is Stacey Head. I was born in Connecticut where I lived in Cromwell originally with my parents and younger sister, Haley. We moved to Vermont when I was 8. I lived there until I graduated from the University of Vermont. I got my degree in Physical Therapy and Athletic Training. I spent a year in New Orleans before ending up back in CT. I worked there for a few different places including Hartford Hospital. This is also where I met my husband, Dave. We have a handsome 11yo son along with 2 fur-puppies and a fish. We moved the family to North Carolina 7 years ago for warmer weather and career opportunities.

Tell us about your bikes.

Oh what is there to say except I have 3, road-mountain-triathlon. I have completed the N+1 and then some. My road bike and mountain bike are both Specialized from Berlin Bike Shop in CT. I had a Specialized Transition for racing but upgraded to a Felt B16 from Newington Bicycle right before we left CT. I really want to sell my mountain bike to get a gravel bike.

How did you get into cycling and triathlon?

I cycled a little in college to get places and then with friends. I did a few triathlons to see if I liked it on my Mongoose mountain bike with slick tires from Walmart and was hooked. I love triathlon and met my husband through it and many of the friends I consider family, like the Ralston’s.

Tell us about your career?

I am a Physical Therapist who specializes in pelvic health, oncology and lymphedema. I am board certified in this area as well as holding certifications in the following: pilates, yoga, indoor cycling, run coaching, run gait analysis, dry needling, pelvic health, obstetric PT and pregnancy/postpartum athleticism. 

How are you helping women on a day to day basis?

I have my 9-5 job as a PT with 90% of my caseload being women and then I also work as a Health Coach, H2HCoachStacey, through a company called the Bladder Coach to help women as well.

What are some goals you have accomplished this year? 2023 plans yet?

This year was a rocky one for me. COVID in January derailed my spring plans but I pivoted and enjoyed it none the less. Then my fall was a little off as well due to hurricanes. So I was able to run a 40 miler (wanted 50) and work on my strengthening through ECFIT. 2023 plans yet….absolutely!!! Have a 100 mile run challenge for January, races set through May with a goal of reaching 50 miles in March and a 50k in May. 

What are some tips you could tell us about cross training?

It is key!!! As women, we really need to strength train and maintain mobility. One, because we lose muscle mass faster, especially after menopause. Then two, because we are at risk for osteoporosis.

What would you tell someone just getting into cycling?

Make sure to have a properly fitted bike and the right gear. Find some amazing ladies like those in Women on Wheels and lastly, Have Fun!!!

Tell us what you love to do outside of cycling?

Run, hike, paddle board, swim, aerial yoga, garden, chill with friends and family….

Anything else you would like to tell us?

You can do it…whatever it is!!! Just put your mind to it and believe in yourself…

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