Barbara Dennen Amodio: Advocate and Grammy

Tell us a bit about yourself. Family? Career? Where do you live?

I live in Bolton where I raised my two children. I’m Kieron’s Grammy and the person who got him into biking.I was an elementary teacher at Maple Street School CT in Vernon for 25 years.

How did you get into cycling?

I always biked a little, but it was a life change that propelled me into it big time. So, It really didn’t become my passion until I was almost 50. In 2012 I signed on to ride the East Coast Greenway Week a Year tour arriving in Key West in 2019. I was 70. My riding partner was 80!

Tell us about your involvement with the Greenway and Bike Walk Bolton.

As an East Coast Greenway Ambassador, ECGCT secretary, cochair of Bike Walk Bolton and member of the cttrailcensus advisory board; my retirement years have filled up with advocacy work. It’s a slow grinding process but such a joy to make a difference. I’m sure most cyclists will be happy to see those rock/bollard barriers on the Hop River Trail changed to ADA accessible bollards.

Any big cycling plans this year? Races? Rides? Trips?

This month we’ll be riding the Empire State Trail from Battery Park to Albany.

Tell us something you love doing outside of cycling.

When I’m not cycling or advocating I’m in my garden or skiing at Okemo. And more importantly spending sweet moments with Kieron Michael Cain.

What would you tell someone just getting into cycling?

Lesson here – Don’t stop riding. You’ll never be too old.