Annalicia McIntosh: Air Force, Auntie, Mom, Youth Club Developer

Tell us a bit about yourself. Family? Career? Where do you live?

My name is Annalicia McIntosh and I have 2 children. I’m a youth bible study teacher and I’m a mountain bike coach.  I work for DoD Air Force as a Management Analyst. I live in Warner Robins, GA.

How did you get into cycling? 

I was a runner, my podiatrist told me I need to find a sport easier on my body. I started to look into cycling in  2019. I started cycling in Oct 2019.

Tell us about your bikes. 

I have 2 Road bikes; Trek Domane and one Trek Marlin MTB.

We see you riding with folks all the time on our FB page. Are you in a club? 

Yes, I’m in a few clubs: Tour de Friends, UMOJA, and Greyhounds. I have started my own youth club called Developing Potential: My Bike Affair. Everyone I ride with, I met cycling, but we have become friends.

What are your cycling goals for this year? 

I’m trying to ride 5000 miles this year and bring awareness to cycling in my community.

How did you get your niece into cycling? How often do you all ride together? 

It was not hard getting my niece (Khloe) into cycling, she enjoys spending time with the cool Auntie. She wanted to learn how to ride a bike. We ride together twice a week.

Tell us something you love doing outside of cycling? 

I love Kayaking. I have a kayak passport, my passport has 18 paddle trails and things to do on the trails. My first kayak ride is on April 2, I love the outdoors. 

What would you tell someone just getting into cycling?

 Start off slow, know the laws, practice safety, and have fun.

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